So i have received an invitation to a child's Birthday Party and i have to say i am rather horrified.

Is it an invitation when the invite comes via SMS?!   

I'm serious, its an invitation to a 5th Birthday party from a class mate not someone we know well or family etc.  Those invited got a random invite on their mobile phone.

Has this simple thing also gone into history?

I'd spent the morning sorting photos and writing Thank You cards and notes to family and friends who have welcomed and supported us in the arrival of our new "Lamb Chop". Its been nearly four weeks now and i know my Grandmother will be waiting for her photo and personalised handwritten note of gratitude.  

The Thank You note i guess was one of the first to fall into the history pages. I do get them occasionally from Birthday parties, Weddings and Baby welcomes.  My Children send them to Grandparents and Great Grandparents when they receive anything from them and i usually make them give thank you's after a Birthday party. I think its a bit of a tragedy that Thank you notes are no longer customary (a statement I'm sure that will come back and bite me in the butt).

I'm not a fan of Christmas and Birthday e-cards. Its free i understand but why bother? The five minutes it takes to choose and fill in all the details etc on an e-card you could send a little personal email (if you must) and actually wish someone your best wishes.  

Facebook invites I really don't like.  I don't want everyone knowing who's invited me where etc and i wonder have i really been invited or has someone just clicked on all their "friends".  I don't respond to peoples request to add my Birthday to their Facebook Birthday lists and I don't advertise my Birthday on my Facebook account, i figure if you don't know my Birthday then you weren't really interested in saying Happy Birthday anyhow.   I don't mind people saying Happy Birthday via SMS or something i know my friends and family are busy and i appreciate the acknowledgment i just don't advertise the date. I often SMS friends and send them best wishes although I usually follow up when i see them next with a gift or card (or cake).

But back to my whinge ....

Are we really at a point of sending Children's Party invites via SMS?

If you're too busy to write the invite are you too busy to host a party?  

Was this poor Mum just out of time and three weeks before the party thought she'd better just let everyone know?   

I hope it's just a one off thing and not a trend.  

Has anyone else received an invite like this or worse?