I said this to a friend this morning moments before one of the things i fear the most happened.  But I'll start at the beginning because whats the use of telling a story unless you get it all in.

So i met a couple of friends and their children at the "Wiggles Play Centre" for their "Biggest Morning Tea" day which raises money for Cancer.  We'd had a lovely morning lots and lots of playing and a big surprise visit from Dorothy, Wags and Henry which Master R was thrilled with.  

One of my friends minded Master R whilst i helped our other friend out to the car with her twin 18mth old's and her 5wk old.  All was going well the kids were all buckled in and just before she closed the back door i said "Have you got your keys?" "Yeah" she said closing the door "they're on the front seat".  Yes they were on the front seat when she got to the door, it did exactly what i fear most....... it locked.

OK don't panic.  she looked at me in horror.  I ran back in the centre and got my phone we rang her husband and the call out mechanics and both were going to be ten mins.  The baby started crying then one of the twins then one stopped and the other started.  Fortunately one of the twins pulled the blanket off the baby so he was one layer less, they weren't in the sun and it was a cool day.  but they were upset and this upset us all.  My poor friend, i just wanted to break the window for her.  We just had to wait.   The poor little guys were getting hot.

The longest ten minutes went by with me saying its "OK that's eight minutes so one of them will be any time now" and "its OK they'll be OK" (when i thinking for $%^&# sake it's not OK!) 

Mum did so well.  She mentioned the scene from that show "Modern Family" where the two Gay guys adopt the little girl and they lock her in the car and one of the guys i think his name is Cameron picks up a rubbish bin and runs for the car, screaming hysterically.  That wasn't her at all.   Me i think it could have been me.

Her husband drove in and he clicked the locked.  I grabbed the twin that was crying and mum grabbed the baby and dad grabbed the other twin.  They were a little hot but they were fine.  I was really surprised how hot the car was though.It was a cool day the children weren't in the sun but gee it got warm in there fast. The car must have been in the sun earlier in the morning.  

The staff were very good they came out with ice packs and first aid advice to cool the kids down.  Which we did and they settled down quite fast and they were OK.  

Poor mum she was still freaked out a bit - i was too.  I dropped a bottle of wine at her front door later this afternoon (didn't want to wake anyone - she has wonderful kids that sleep) with a note. I felt like i needed a glass of wine tonight so i assumed she could do with one too.  

I'm seriously contemplating where i could tape the spare key to my car so this never happens to us.